Economic crimes in India

We have classified the following crimes as economic crimes: Cheating, criminal breach of trust, counterfeiting, and forgery.

Please note that all rates are per 100,000 people

Cheating and forgery

The charts below show the top ten cities in the country with the highest average crime rates for cheating cases from 2010 to 2014. All top three cities are from Rajasthan, with Bengaluru following suit in fourth position and Patna in fifth.

As for forgery, Jodhpur has an extraordinarily high forgery rate. Please note that forgery was reported separately as a crime only in the year 2014. The chart here only shows the figures for 2014.

Counterfeiting and criminal breach of trust

Criminal breach of trust involves misappropriation of a property or a document someone has entrusted to you, as explained by Indian Kanoon. Say, for example, you sell someone's car that had been entrusted to you for safekeeping. Or you, as an executor of the will of a deceased person, appropriate the will to your own use.

Small towns have trumped the big cities when it comes to counterfeiting cases. While Madurai has a high average rate of counterfeiting cases, Lucknow has ten times the national average rate for criminal breach of trust incidences.

Notes about the data

Here is how the crimes have been defined.