Property crimes in India

We have classified the following crimes as property crimes: Arson, auto theft, burglary, dacoity, other theft, and robbery.'Other theft' indicates any type of theft that is not an auto theft

Please note that all rates are per 100,000 people. See our notes on the data.

Theft and auto theft

The charts below show the top ten cities in the country with the highest average crime rates for auto thefts and thefts other than car thefts, from 2010 to 2014. Delhi has the highest theft rate — nearly seven times the national average. Vijaywada and Patna follow suit, with rates more than four times the national average.

Robberies and dacoities

Robberies are thefts when, in their occurence, the offender voluntarily causes or attempts to cause an injury or death, according to Indian Law Cases. Cities from Maharashtra have a high averate of robberies and dacoities. The top three cities in both crimes are from India's most prosperous state.

Orange city Nagpur tops the list of robberies. Aurangabad has had the highest average rate of dacoities from 2010 to 2014. According to the lastest recorded data i.e. 2014, Nagpur's robbery rate was more than six times the national average. Aurangabad and Pune are second and third on this list.


Rate of arson as a crime have been on the lower side as compared to other property crimes in India. Two of the top three cities are from Chhattisgarh — Raipur and Durg-Bhilainagar.

Notes about the data

Here is how the crimes have been defined.