Violent crimes in India

We have classified the following crimes as violent crimes: murder, attempt to commit murder, culpable homicide not amounting to murder, kidnapping & abduction, and riots.

Rape, attempt to rape, dowry deaths have been categorized into crimes against women. Dowry deaths are counted separately in the Indian Penal Code and we have decided to follow the same nomenclature. See our notes about the data here.

Please note that all rates are per 100,000 people.

Violent crimes in India

The chart below shows the rate of violent crimes in the entire country.

Highest murder & attempt to murder rates

The charts below show the top ten cities in the country with the highest average crime rates of murder and attempt to murder, from 2011 to 2014. Patna has the highest murder rate — more than thrice the national average. Ranchi and Meerut follow suit, with rates double the national average.

Highest kidnapping rates

This chart shows the cities with the highest kidnapping rates. You can also compare the rate of kidnapping in the cities with the national average. All of the top ten cities on the list are from north India.

Capital city Delhi tops the list. According to the lastest recorded data i.e. 2014, Delhi's kidnapping rate was six times the national average. Patna and Agra are second and third on this list.

Highest riot rates

This chart shows the cities with the highest riot rates. What is stunning is that the top five cities in this list are all from Kerala. The state, also called "God's own country", boasts a 100 percent literacy rate.

Notes about the data

Here is how these crimes have been defined.